2 Chronicles 32:8... The people were strengthened by the words

Acts 15:31... When they had read (the words), they rejoiced over its encouragement

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​​​With all our love, SpiritualWords.org and those praying for you

Spiritual Words to Encourage and Inspire...

The Power of Words to Transform Your Life!

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Welcome to SpiritualWords.org

This is a charitable ministry dedicated to inspiring, encouraging, comforting and counselling through words of wisdom and hope, uplifting spiritual poems and verses, prayers, beautiful scenery, etc.

May the Lord Jesus Christ touch and strengthen your heart through these words and images.

To all of our dear friends, partners and everyone - please stay safe!

​​Father, we praise and bless You in the name of Christ. Put the words to pray in our mouths, for we know not what to speak. Nonetheless Your will shall be done. But Lord, our hearts cry out to the Most High, we are saddened for the millions who have lost loved ones or who are suffering during the pandemic. Have mercy upon them, Lord, to recover from sickness, sorrow and suffering, for we see them weeping. We are moved with compassion, Your Spirit groans within us, and our cry goes up to You. God alone can bind up the broken-hearts. Let them know Christ is near, an ever present help in times of trouble. Deliver them from spirits of suicide, fear, worry, etc. Hide them under the shadow of Your wings and protect them from the darts of the evil one. Stretch forth Your hand, o God, and direct us all to pray, to turn from our selfish ways and seek the Lord with all our heart. Make us trust You, looking to heaven, for You are the one who quiets the storm. Lead us to the Rock that is higher than I. Stand in the gap, Lord, and deliver us, for some are dying from disease, others dying from lockdowns, mental health, isolation, anxiety, oppression, and manipulation. Father, give a heart to those making important decisions to do the right thing.

Open up our eyes, revive us and transform us around the world, Lord. For our sins are many, and our waywardness extreme, and we all need to return to the arms of the living God.

​In the mighty name of Jesus Christ we pray. Amen.​​