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The Power of Words to Transform Your Life!

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OUR VISION is to see these inspirational words transform the broken-hearted, and entire communities of people throughout the world, with inner life, strength and healing through the love and power of God.


Hi dear friends, my name is Marcie.

I am an artist, writer, counsellor, and humanitarian and I create original inspirational artwork, such as Canvas Prints, with powerful, encouraging words, verses and poems on inspiring backgrounds. My ministry donates the prints to institutions such as orphanages, hospitals, addiction rehab centers, prisons, etc to encourage the hurting, hopeless, and broken-hearted, so as to bring about everlasting change in the world. The life-giving words have turned many lives around but there is an immense need for countless more canvases and other inspirational products. We also distribute laminated prints of the work and produce a unique and uplifting line of attractive Greeting Cards with various themes and images; as well as several other art forms that encourage and inspire.

Ever since I was a child, I remember having compassion, love, and care for people from all walks of life. I later graduated from a Social Service program at college and today continue to reach out to the broken and the downcast. My focus is on counselling, motivating and encouraging people to persevere through trials and troubles, and to help equip them to reach their full potential in life. Several of my uplifting poems have been read in front of hurting audiences, comforting many in their pain.

Devoting my life to helping people has brought me a form of self-fulfillment. My lifelong dream has always been to help both individuals and entire communities throughout the world.

We have a great passion for the poor, the needy, and children. We want to bring our message of strength, comfort, and healing into the inner cities, to schools and to other community institutions, to help them all discover their potential and the ability within each of them, so as to empower them to rise up above their circumstances and their challenges through God's strength within.

In recent years we have been donating Canvas Prints to many facilities in various countries. Those who are staying in such institutions often feel discouraged, hopeless, and forgotten. The poems empower spiritual and psychological transformation as they:

  • Encourage the downhearted
  • Inspire the hopeless as well as children
  • Comfort the sorrowful
  • Strengthen the weak
  • Bring peace to the troubled mind

Likewise, the impressive pictures inspire the hurting, stir up life and vitality, and make beautiful décor in institutions, community centers, offices/workplaces, and homes. Here are some of the powerful testimonies from facilities paying tribute to the great value of these Canvas Prints:

  • Brighton Center for Recovery, USA: “Our patients come to us at perhaps the lowest point in their lives… many times feeling hopeless… the donated print is a daily reminder that hope does exist”
  • St. Ann’s Bay Regional Hospital, Jamaica, West Indies: “(The Canvas Prints) reach persons in need of inspiration and spiritual motivation” and they “have gone a far way in motivating our staff members, improving our aesthetics, and most importantly inspire our patients to get well… ”
  • The Pines Long-Term Care Facility, Canada: “inspire and bring peace to all the residents”

There are overwhelming numbers of people in countless institutions around the world in great need of hope and strength. For several years we have given everything we can from our own finances, but we cannot do it alone. Without your help these incredible needs cannot be met. But together through this unique and powerful ministry, we are all making a difference by showing the hurting that we really do care, and helping to heal them from depression, loneliness, fear, and all that they are going through.

Please share our website with your family, friends and coworkers, and tell them about the wonderful impact this work is having. We are truly grateful for any and all financial contributions. To anyone who donates, we would like to send you a complimentary selection of our inspiring and uplifting Greeting Cards. More information is available on our Donation Page, please click here.

Your support is greatly appreciated.